Coffee Capsules Producers

Specialists in empty coffee and infusion capsules with optimum quality in aroma and flavor preservation. Focused on the production of biodegradable and sustainable products. Gisbert CAPS uses renewable energy for manufacturing and bio-based materials with low environmental impact. Our strategy is to produce with the least environmental impact with optimum quality at a low cost.
Biocaps | G

Biodegradable and compostable capsules

The production of BIOCAPS | G capsules is a necessary fact for a better future. The biodegradable and compostable material used and the utilization of energy from renewable sources means the production of our capsules has a very low environmental impact, something that matters to us and to our customers.
Biocaps planta
Café en polvo

We look after your product with care: coffee or infusion

The BIOCAPS | G capsules provide an oxygen barrier which very effectively preserve the aroma excellent flavor of your coffee for a long shelf life. This is outstanding performance for any capsule, not to mention its biodegradable aspects. BIOCAPS | G capsules offer an excellent oxygen barrier with very low oxygen transmission rates, which provides important advantages, especially in economic terms. BIOCAPS | G capsules are manufactured with certified materials: INDUSTRIAL COMPOST and HOME COMPOST. 


Oxygen permeability INDUSTRIAL: 3,8 cm³/m².24h HOME: 2,5 cm³/m².24h
Respects the environment without losing the aroma or flavor of its contents
Certification by TÜV Austria for 90% disintegration of the capsules after their use in 6 months.
Policaps | G

PPT capsules with great economic advantages

POLICAPS | G capsules are an alternative to aluminum capsules. With excellent aroma and flavor preservation capacity, they serve as excellent packaging for coffee products and infusions. Their lightness and greater resistance to impact, added to their low cost, make them very competitive compared to other types of coffee capsules, infusions or soups. They are made with a compound for capsules with a very low oxygen transfer rate.


Oxygen permeability PPT : 16 cm³/m².24h
Cápsulas Policaps
Light, sturdy and very affordable

Made in Spain,
European projection

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Sala blanca Gisbertcaps
Cápsulas blancas

Gisbert Plast S.L. Company

Gisbert CAPS trademark of Gisbert Plast S.L. linked to Inyectados Alsan S.L. A company with more than 25 years of experience in the polymer injection sector. The manufacture of capsules by injection in a clean room enables all our capsules for food contact uses. Gisbert CAPS is capable of producing 1 million capsules daily and, next to the Mediterranean corridor and the port of Valencia, it is capable of rapidly distributing its products to the European Union market.

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